Mental Retardation and Motor Skills

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This is an overview of mental retardation and its affect on a person’s motor skills.

This paper is an in-depth look at the mental retardation and some of the different motor skill problems that plague those affected with this brain impairment. The author gives a broad definition of mental retardation in order to help the reader understand the terminology. The author looks at different types of mental retardation and the different motor skills affected by each type of disease. Rett Syndrome, or Cerebroatrophic Hyperammonemia, is mainly diagnosed in young girls and mostly affects the small motor skills. Meningitis and Down’s syndrome or Trisomy 21, both affect a person’s motor skills but it varies according to how severely the person in question is affected by the particular disease.
In this case, genetic anomalies are manifested in a wide variety of symptoms, including severe motor difficulties that affect both small and gross motor skills. Research and a variety of experiments with young children with this disease have found that very little can be done to alleviate these motor skills problems because the neurological damage is so extensive and so severe that it cannot be compensated for (Percy 81). In other words, while individuals can learn to compensate for motor-skills problems caused by the retardation brought about through neural damage, they cannot in some cases learn new adaptations fast enough to compensate for the speed in which new impairments occur (Perccy 83).

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