Measurement and Assessment in Teaching

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This paper looks at the theory behind test writing.

This paper looks at the different factors that teachers take into account when they write tests for their students. The author goes over some of the theory behind test writing, and then gives a sample test for an eighth grade health class. The sample test includes three sections, with three different types of questions. The first section’s questions are short answer, the next section’s questions are true or false and the final section’s question’s are multiple choice.
“These test items were designed by following the guidelines and specifications described in chapter six of the text book. These questions are in most cases designed to assess specific factual knowledge gained or held by the student. However, a number of the questions ” and especially the essay questions ” are designed to assess the student’s ability to synthesize factual information from a number of different lessons and blend this with their own experiences.

For the following 25 questions, please provide a one-sentence answer. Remember that some questions may have trick answers ones not immediately obvious on a first reading. (These questions are a mixture of cognitive and affective. The former can be answered in ways that are subject to objective measurement, the latter are not.)
1.Name one important hormone and briefly describe its function.
2.What is the pituitary gland?
3.What is the primary reason for the increasing levels of hormones during adolescence?
4.What is the single physical event that marks puberty?
5.Should adolescents try to keep the physical changes in their bodies hidden from other people?”

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