Learning Disabilities in the Adult

Education / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A discussion about the psychological consequences of learning disabilities in adults.

This paper takes a look at learning disorders, especially in the Los Angeles public school system, and why they are not adequately addressed. Also examined are the long-term effects of failing to treat such disorders, and how they can be treated in adults.
“The categorization of specific learning disabled (SLD) students is not necessarily a problem; but experts such as Dr. Sylvia Farnham-Diggory and Dr. J. Harris claim that the majority of public schools in the United States are not meeting the basic educational needs of mentally challenged and SLD students because of lack of funding, apathy on the part of teaching staff who do not necessarily want to teach Special Ed students, a poorly developed curriculum, and the relatively low priority that Special Ed plays in the overall school system’s priorities.”

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