Adult Students Returning to School

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Discuses whether this age group has the study skills necessary to succeed in college. Studies on intellectual ability of older adults. Adaptation. Admission test scores & achievement outcomes.

With many older people returning to school to continue their education, the question has arisen as to whether they possess deficient study skills and whether study skills training is essential for older students to succeed in college. According to the College Board, 45 percent of all college students are 25 years of age or older, and only about 20 percent of college students are full-time and under 22 years of age (Culross, 1996). Adult students are represented in all sectors of higher education from the community college to the research university, says Culross. Many adult students completed high school at a time before universities instituted admission requirements. Also, Culross points out, women were often discouraged from taking math and other @hard@ courses in high school and from attending college.

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