Adult Education

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Examines diverse views of what it should accomplish, learning, methods and techniques.

“The field of adult education is rife with differing theories of what it is, what it should accomplish, how it should be presented and what should be ignored (Apps, 1988; Bolman & Deal, 1997; Brookfield, 1986; Carnevale & Schulz, 1990; Conway & Ross, 1984; Dixon, 1987; Knowles, 1980; Merriam, 1993; Merriam & Caffarella, 1999).

“Due to the large increase in the number of scholars in the field of andragogy, and to the marked increase in the diversity, complexity, and specificity of the work done by sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, we are now in an era where it is impossible for the major general sociological journals to focus heavily on the topics of primary interest to any particular group of sociologists.”

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