Shrivel in the Middle Class

Economics / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
The paper discusses the main causes of a shriveled middle class society.

The paper shows that in today?s society, the middle class has literally shriveled away into the upper and the lower class, in other words a hollow has been created. It gives reasons for this trend such as economic inequality, immigrant trends, racial differences and other factors.
“During the early pre-historic times, all beings belonged to the same class since no differentiation occurred between the people. But, with the emergence of the food producing society, the distinction of classes due to money started, which then gave rise to a market economy. The Upper, Middle and Lower class materialized, due to this economy. Each of these classes has maintained a distinct identity and has been stable through a particular time in history. Out of all the three classes, majority of the families belonged to the middle class. It was always envisaged that the growing middle class would at some stage put an end to poverty, thereby eliminating the lower class altogether.”

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