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Analysis of post-Cold War economic change in U.S.-Latin American relations from loosely connected national markets to interdependent global market. Issues of national sovereignty and free trade.

In this modern era of globalization, traditional conceptions of national sovereignty have changed, focusing now on international economic concerns based largely upon free-trade. In this new period of international relations between the United States and Latin America, militaristic interventions to restore political democracy are simply not prudent or necessary; the cold war has drawn to an indomitable close, democracy has been satisfactorily safeguarded, and regional conflicts are(thankfully) no longer in danger of being fueled or exacerbated by superpower competition and intervention(Bouzas, pps. 171-173).
The greatest international change affecting U.S.-Latin American relations today is perhaps the steady transformation of the world economy from a series of loosely connected national markets to an increasingly …

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