Economic Forecast

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An economic forecast for the United States in the wake of the September 11th bombings.

The writer presents a projection for the United States economy following the terrorist attacks on September 11th. The economy has much to recover from and this uncertainty is taken into account. Many figures and estimated growth percentages are listed.
“The coming year will be a time for remedy for the U.S economy as the country has started to recover from the shock of September 11. Though the tragedy of September has drastically effected the economic growth of the country but the forces of recovery will soon lift the economy out of the recession. However, this turnaround is going to go a long way. The general opinion about the economy of the United States is that the recession will end around the first quarter of the year 2002 and the growth in real gross domestic product for the year 2002 is expected to be about 2.5% which will be definitely a huge achievement. However, this growth is expected to be slow but with a constant pace. According to the economic analysts the real GDP growth will pick up by the second half of the year 2002 and therefore most of the investors are expecting a reduction in the interest rates by the Federal Reserve but only to the extent that will help the monetary policy to shift from its highly accommodative approach to a more middle-of-the-road position.”

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