The Tempest

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This paper discusses William Shakespeare’s dramatic play `The Tempest` and explores how the playwright voiced his societal views through his work.

This essay puts forth the argument that Shakespeare’s views on Elizabethan society, which seemed to represent the majority view of early modern Europeans, are set forth in his play “The Tempest”. The author provides a brief synopsis and analysis of the play and puts it into historical context with Shakespeare’s time.
The Elizabethan period was considered to be the enlightenment period where the artists and scholars were given opportunities to explore their art and culture. She even gave leeway to explore laws and order. Women and their position I the society prospered. This was against all that the people of the United Kingdom believed. Though historians would consider this period as most enlightening because it contains records of the medieval society the people at the time thinks otherwise. Perhaps this was the reason that the many plays of Shakespeare presented the views of the common people.

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