Iago in Othello

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The following paper explores the character of Iago in Shakespeare’s `Othello` with the purpose of discovering what it is that makes him so evil.

The following paper explores Iago’s character by examining his relationships with others as well as considering the nature of the other characters in the play. This paper begins with a brief summary of each of these characters with an emphasis on those attributes that combine to bring about the tragedy of the play.
“Of all of Shakespeare’s villains, Iago is the one that we most love to hate simply because he is the most purely malignant character in Shakespeare’s panoply of wrongdoers. Lear brings about terrible consequences because of his pride, but while Cordelia is sacrificed to Lear’s blindness, we see that the king too suffers terribly, and he is clearly a man entangled by the arms of fate. Romeo and Juliet die tragically, of course, but there is no real villain in that play.”

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