Hamlet and Henry IV

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A look at father-son relationships in the Shakespearean plays, “Hamlet” and “Henry IV”.

This is a paper on father-son relationships in “Hamlet” and “Henry IV” part 1. The author analyzes this relationship in detail looking at the characters and how they impact the type of relationship that develops. The paper contends that while the relationship in “Hamlet” revolves around respect, in “Henry IV”, the relationship is more about power.
“Hamlet, the young prince, so loved and venerated the memory of his dead father, almost amounting to idolatry, and had such a nice sense of honor and propriety, that he is taken aback when his mother, Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, marries his uncle, his father’s brother, within two month of the King’s death. All the more so because Claudius in no ways resembled the King in the qualities of either mind or appearance. He was as contemptible in outward appearance as he was base and unworthy in disposition.”

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