The Twenties: A Time of Spontaneity and Rhythm

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A look at the history of Jazz music in American society.

This paper takes a look at the Jazz Age during the twenties in America and how the music both reflected and inspired great social change. The author discusses the history of Jazz music, how it originated and spread and how it came to express the nature of society.
“The Twenties was a crazy time in America. There was crime and violence, illegal alcohol and drugs, and dancing and jazz music. Despite the depression and prohibition, jazz music was able to lift the spirits of Americans and get their knees knocking and their arms flailing. Jazz spread like wildfire through the nation, and taught Americans how to make the best of a “depressing” situation. Some jazz represents the spontaneity and confusion of the decade while the more serious jazz shows the underlying rhythm of the twenties. If one listens to jazz music from the 1920s one can sense the mood of the times, and feel the excitement that jazz brought to the nation.”

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