Deal with the Small Things the Big Things will Follow

Criminology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the Broken Windows Theory in connection with acts of crime.

This paper provides a detailed look at the Broken Windows Theory. The writer of this paper provides the reader with an overview of the theory as well as some examples of where the theory would apply. In addition the writer argues that the theory is correct and if minor offenses were more harshly judged and punished then larger crimes would be deterred.
“As we go through history we see crime that is becoming increasingly violent. We have children killing children, people climbing clock towers and taking aim at innocent residents and serial killers seem to be on the rise. We also have gang related violence occurring each day as well as robberies and stabbings. Car- jackings have become a past time it seems and those who are victims of it are often brutally beaten before they lose their car. Everywhere we turn violent angry crimes seem to be more accepted than ever before.”

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