The Electric Car

Computer and Technology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Describes the benefits and limitations of the electric car, as well as automaker resistance to its production.

“The promise of the electric car has been pending for some time. Electric cars were suggested many years ago as a way of reducing oil and gas usage and costs and the harmful effects of their use in the form of air pollution and noxious emissions. The electric car is now a feasibility and is in fact being used by thousands of people in the United states on a daily basis. The electric car under discussion here is one to be produced by the Toyota company. The car is to cost around $10,000 and have four doors. It can be considered a four-seater economy vehicle. The target market for the electric car will begin with consumers in California, a state that has suffered considerably from air pollution and also a state with a strong “green” element, environmentally-minded consumers who would be attracted by the non-polluting electric car.”

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