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This paper describes the necessity of the middleware part of the computer system.

The paper strongly states that middleware is often an essential part today of the architecture of a computer communications network. It describes that middleware exists to meet the challenges of creating protocols, which are simply standardized rules for the format and exchange of information between and among computers. The paper explains step by step the architecture of the computer system.
“Middleware is, just as its name suggests, a sort of mediator between other aspects of a computer’s architecture. A major disadvantage of many computer system designs is that clients and servers must be designed together. This is simply often not possible. That is, to work with a particular server application, the client must be using compatible software, something that is often not the case. One common solution to this common problem is the three-tier client-server architecture, in which a middle tier, known as middleware, is placed between the server and the clients to handle the translations necessary for different client platforms.”

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