London Railway System

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Discusses its history and development in the 19th Century. Contends it is the world’s most effective and efficient rail and subway system.

London’s first railway was the London and the Greenwich. Most early lines (London and Birmingham 1837; Great Western 1838) were trunk lines, and suburban traffic developed tardily. When it did, it focused primarily on City Termini, the London, Brighton and South Coast to London Bridge; the North London, to Broad Street.

G.M. Davies, the author of Geology of London and South East England makes the following point: From the 1860s certain lines were compelled to run cheap workmen’s trains at very low fares; this brought about the development of workers’ suburbs in Tottenham and Walthamsow by 1900. (Davies, p.66)

After nationalization of the railways in 1948, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, Marylebone and Fenchurch Street stations had headquarters offices for the Eastern Region…

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