Introduction and Network Analysis

Computer and Technology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper investigates the benefits and problems of various configurations of an IT division of a Fortune 500 company that currently has some of its IT personnel and infrastructure at the main plant.

The following paper makes several assumptions about the company’s technology that are clearly consistent with current computer uses in major companies. In addition a virtual centralized system for the organization of the IT division is discussed in detail. Lastly this paper explores how the needs of the IT division of a large and geographically spread-out company can take advantage of this particular form of network.
`Before beginning to explore the particular needs of our hypothetical company, it may be useful to examine in general what defines an Ethernet system as well as a Local Area Network. The Ethernet originated as a laboratory project at Xerox Corporation in 1974. It was developed as an inexpensive way of sending information quickly between office machines connected together in a single room or building – thus serving in essentially the same way that a local area network functions – but it rapidly became a standard computer interconnection method in large measure because of the speed at which it is capable of transmitting data, which is 10 megabits per second.`

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