Information Technology, Fraud and Abuse

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A paper which describes laws and codes of conduct relating to information technology abuse.

The paper describes the relationships between the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the Codes of Conduct and Good Practice for Certified Computer Professionals as published by the ICCP.

Table of Contents
Application of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (1986) and ICCP Codes of Conduct and Good Practice
Violations of Proper Codes of Conduct
Computer Crime Prevention Techniques
Appendix A (Sample Organizational Security Plan)
“It is estimated that as much as 90% of computer crime is unreported because businesses do not wish to make known the vulnerability it extends to customers, suppliers, and stockholders. A major concern is the threat of intrusion by employees, competitors, and others. The concern is that individuals may gain access to computer facilities, systems, software, and data to commit a variety of computer crimes, such as stealing data; damaging or vandalizing hardware, software, or data; using computer software illegally; or committing fraud.”

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