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This paper investigates the facts surrounding the use of the FBI Internet program ‘Carnivore’ in obtaining communication and other incriminating evidence from possible terrorists and criminals.

The paper thoroughly examines the issues surrounding FBI’s use of ‘Carnivore’ Internet Program in terms of the violation of personal privacy and freedom, its use as vital tool in hunting and apprehending criminals who use the Internet as a medium of communication, in particular after the events of September 11, 2001. The paper argues the government’s “Carnivore” program erodes our constitutional freedom for the majority of law-abiding citizens.
“The events of September 11, 2001 are, at the least, unforgettable. That day will live in infamy as the point when the nation’s false sense of security and personal safety within out country was shattered. The large jagged pieces are still being swept up within our lives, but the cracks in society ran deep, and are, I think, permanent. Out of the ashes of 9-11 have been borne many new approaches to terrorism and law enforcement in general. One such advance is the widespread use of a fairly new technology known publicly as Carnivore. An Internet based tool, Carnivore, along with many other modern and tried-and-true methods, is used by the FBI to obtain information about possible suspects and even intercept incriminating evidence in a possible terrorist attack or other impending crime, all via the Internet. The upside of this technology is the possibility to reconnoiter suspects via the Internet by intercepting data from said suspect. The downside is unconditional snooping upon possibly non-criminal individuals either connected with or not connected with a suspect. Also known as invasion of privacy.”

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