Analysis Of Websites

Computer and Technology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Answers the question whether a website needs to incorporate the latest tools and techniques to be successful.

Investigation into whether websites need to use the latest tools and techniques in order to be succesful. To do this, the paper websites from a variety of categories are evaluated from a design and business perspective. Using this approach, the sites are analyzed to determine how well they serve their purpose. In addition, three of these websites are further analysed on the basis of modifications that could be make to improve their design, functionality and business potential.
“How many times, over the past few years, have you had to update your computer system as a result of newer versions of software being released? With rapid changes in technology recently we seem to need to update browsers, e-mail software, and plug-ins such as “flash” every few months. Websites also need to keep up with changes in programming languages and techniques, but this does, however, present a problem; which version of HTML, Java etc do web designers use. Do they use the latest software when it is released to keep ahead of competitors, at the risk of excluding users without the correct system set-up, or do they stick with the version users are familiar with.”

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