Women and the Media

Communication / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A study of how the media affects our views about many issues, specifically women.

An analysis of the way the media handles several events and how the media can form our views and opinions. It discusses the O.J. Simpson case, September 11th, The Vietnam War, Muslim women and more. The media has also spread the word about life in other regions. The media has enabled us to learn what life is like for others. The power of the media as an industry has given women a rightful platform and an opportunity for rightful self-empowerment. Women are able to communicate like never before thanks to television shows that cater to their needs. It discusses The Lifetime Channel which airs shows that are specific to women.
“The media industry is one of the most power entities in the world. One written word can help a company boost its revenues by millions or cause the company to go bankrupt in a New York minute. Every day millions of people watch television, listen to the radio or read newspapers. The in-home viewing time for television is about six hours per day (Kennedy). The OJ Simpson trial, the Olympic bombing and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center are some of the media events that kept Americans glued to their television sets.”

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