Why We Must Embrace Genetic Engineering

Communication / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the text of a speech arguing for the benefits of genetic engineering.

“Among most critical components to the purpose of man’s existence is effecting positive changes for the future. Indeed, history shows that, left unimpeded, man will naturally create improvement and progress. Humanity can, therefore, not help but celebrate the progress that has improved our physical condition throughout time. Indeed, from the discovery of agriculture and permanent settlements in ancient times to the development of large modern metropolises, and from the first witch doctors to the modern physician, advancement has not only been the constant of the human condition, but has become a human moral imperative. Consequently, we must consider implications of one of our newest and most exciting technologies, Genetic Engineering. Because of the imperative of progress, we must embrace the agricultural and scientific benefits that the new technology offers.”

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