The Working Man: Reality and Legend

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This paper examines the working person character in the entertainment media.

This paper examines the workingman hero in the 20th century communication media. It observes works of art in the forms of movies, television and books. The paper analyzes the social implications of the popular hero and the growth of the cultural “Global village.”
“Movies are the media of communication of the 20th century and beyond. Our love for stories and fable has found an extension that stimulates all our senses and is a source of information as well. Television has made the world into a “Global village” so now we are at a loss to say whether it is influencing society or whether reality is affecting the media.

:Films cover various topics but usually the more popular ones are those that bear some relation to reality, even if it is science fiction. They send their message straight, disguised in slapstick or drama or as an allegory.

“Present trends in society are a favorite. ”Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” and ”Norma Rae” are two such movies tackling a common topic, that of working people and their experiences in our society set in different times.”

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