Telecommunication: The Telephone and Telegraph

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This paper examines the historical and social impact of telegraph and telephone technology on society.

This paper describes in depth the emergence and implications of telecommunication technology on society. It details the invention of the telegraph by Morse and it’s rapid acclimation as a tool of our modern society and compares Morse code to Internet email as written telecommunications messaging tools. The paper follows the historical development of telecommunication with Bell’s revolutionary invention the
“In today’s world nobody can deny the importance of technology. It completely captures our lives in many aspects. With the continual introduction of modern technologies into our society we have started to take for granted inventions. `Technology is a world that is often associated with the progression and it seems taken for granted that moving forward and the technological age is positive thing` (Udahl 1). It is a complicated and confusing topic, especially when applied to telecommunication. The telecommunication industry is more directly and specifically a child of technology than almost any other industry. This industry touches nearly everyone in the world and defies the understanding of people. Unquestionably, it can be regarded as the most significant part of the developing technology. It provides people to be aware of the world by applying the developing technology. Telecommunication which means communicating over long distances enables people to know about the world. In applying to a critical approach to the understanding of communication technology, the measuring stick is how it benefits ordinary people, the vast majority who are not engaged in great material or political power pursuits. While the study of communication is being explained, the social impact of the telecommunication should be taken into account carefully.”

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