Public Speaking

Communication / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Discusses audience contact, delivery, distractions, speaker-listener relationships.

“This paper examines physical, emotional, and mental contact with the audience as a component of public speaking. A speech before a group is an exchange, although usually only the speaker is talking. Yet without effective interaction, communication does not take place. The speaker must be constantly aware of the different kinds of contact that are occurring with the audience, drawing cues from the audible, visual, and visceral reactions being stimulated among the listeners. Interaction is dependent on such basic elements as whether or not the speaker can be heard clearly or speaks with a discernible accent and on such complex issues as whether or not the message has been well designed to meet the needs, interests, and preconceptions of those in attendance. An effective relationship between speaker and audience can result in the powerful exchange of information…”

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