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This paper looks at the importance of mentoring for women.

This paper examines the different qualities that a mentor should have and why. The author looks at different definitions of mentors and how a mentor can change a woman’s life. The author also lists different questions you should ask yourself before choosing a mentor. The author then uses her own relationship with her mentor, Bella Lewitsky, as an example of a positive mentoring experience that has impacted both of their lives.
With these considerations in mind, the person that I have chosen to be my mentor is a woman named Bella Lewitzky, a long-time dancer and choreographer now retired and working as a writer. At age 83, she is also coming to terms with living with a disability, having had part of one leg amputated several years ago because of circulation problems. I think that she could answer in the affirmative to all of the above questions as well as being a great coach and/or mentor: She is wise, experienced, smart, creative, and passionate about the importance of choosing a committed path in life.

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