Chasing Amy

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A look at the film’s view of sexual identity and gender conventions.

The paper defines today’s society as “a society of passing,” a transitional society with much confusion and mixed beliefs regarding old traditions versus the broken cultural conventions and shattered stereotypes that exist, especially in the areas of sex and gender. The paper sees the characters of the movie “Chasing Amy” as representative of the different viewpoints of today’s young generation, and through an examination of the movie tries to generalize about interpersonal communication in today’s society.
“Society, along with its resultant culture, has undergone an especially massive upheaval and reconstruction during the last half of the twentieth century. During the 1960s and 1970s, conventional societal molds regarding race and gender were broken and subsequently recast as both the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights Movements swept across the globe. In the latter decades of the century, the Gay Rights Movement further reshaped traditional sexual roles and identities, culminating in society as it is known today, a society that has been described as an environment of ‘passing.'”

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