Body Language

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A look at body language and how it impacts on inter-personal communication.

All the forms of body language and how they contribute to communication are examined. The paper focuses especially on body language types, how how they are used and what it reveals about the communicator. The paper begins by briefly discussing the process of communication in regards to body language. It then looks at various forms of body language. Finally, it concludes by showing what body language contributes to communication that verbal language does not.
“Communication can be defined as the process of creating understanding between two individuals or between an individual and a group. Communication is a transactional process, where a transactional process is defined as, “a process in which two or more people exchange speaker and listener roles, and in which the behavior of each person is dependent on and influenced by the other” (Friedrich 11). The important point here is that in any communication, the participants are effected by each other. They interpret what the other person says, and why they say it and respond based on what they see the meaning as. Each person does not necessarily say what they think, they may say what they think is appropriate or what they believe the other person wants them to say. ”

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