Agenda Setting

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A paper discussing the issue of agenda setting in communication and its reflection and effect on society.

This study asks the question, how well are news stories perceived by an audience that receives it through a Web-based news source rather than the printed text? This paper examines how the readers of the New York Times agendas are modified according to their exposure to the paper and the method they use to receive it, i.e. internet or printed text.
“This study concludes that print readers modify their agendas following exposure more than online readers do. Readers of the print version of the New York Times were exposed to more public affairs than the readers of the online paper. Also, the readers of the paper version perceive the articles differently than the online readers. “Readers of the paper group tended to be relatively more concerned about international issues than subjects in the online group” (Althaus & Tewksbury us, 2002, p. 196). It can then be assumed that readers of the online paper may be ill informed about an important topic, which causes alarm in some researchers (Althaus & Tewksbury, 2002). “this studies findings suggest that temporary incarnations of Internet news are subtly, but consequentially, altering the way that the news media set the public’s agenda (Althaus & Tewksbury, 2002, p. 199) This study answered the research questions presented and got results for the hypotheses.

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