Family Violence

Child, Youth Issues / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Domestic abuse in U.S. Physical and psychological effects. Battered women’s syndrome. Children of abuse.

Family violence presents an ongoing dilemma in American society. No longer a private issue, abuse in the home has attracted a degree of public concern in recent years, precipitating a need for a more intense examination of the problem. The aim, according to U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone(D-Minn), is simple: to make domestic violence a bona fide health-care issue (p. 20). And there is certainly compelling evidence to support this objective; the effects of family violence are numerous, bordering on infinite in scope. Virtually every form of physical assault- from spankings to murders- has played a significant role in the history of family violence. Beneath the surface, the mental strains that develop in both victims and witnesses of domestic violence also present a lasting legacy to consider.

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