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IS Google Making us Stupid

Sociology / September 9, 2016

The Truth Behind Google Have you every truly thought about the way you use Google? Some people basically use it as a replacement of an education, while others use it to find information quick and easy. The first article named “Yes”, written by Nicholas Carr, describes how Google is making people stupid. The second article titled “No”, written by Peter Norvig explains that Google is not making people dumb. Carr wants to display that most people use Google to find answers, and in that way, they don’t learn much. Nevertheless, Norvig expresses that Google is only advancing our knowledge in a faster and simpler way. While both articles state strong …..

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Quentin Crisp

Sociology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments

Analysis of the flamboyant Crisp as a fashion plate, a dandy, a homosexual, and well-known author of “The Naked Civil Servant.”

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