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Critical analysis of “Disability” by Nancy Mairs

Literature / August 30, 2016

Author of disability Nancy Mairs who’s a feminist and a cripple, has accomplished a lot in writing and teaching. Her remarkable personality shows in many of her essays especially in Disability which was first published in 1987 in the New York Times. In this essay, Nancy Mairs shows how disabled people are constantly excluded, especially from the media. By giving out facts and including her personal experiences, Mairs aims for making some changes regarding the relationship between the media and people with disabilities. Mairs thesis is shown implicitly in the first and last paragraphs. Her main goal is to show everyone that people with disabilities are just like everybody else …..

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The Bundren Family: A Study in Modernism

Literature / April 23, 2015 / No Comments

How Faulkner’s novel, `As I Lay Dying`, is an excellent example of modernism and encompasses many of the stylistic and rhetorical devices that modernists employed to distinguish themselves from more traditional realistic literature.

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