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The Co III Salen Complex

Chemistry / April 23, 2015 / No Comments

This paper discusses the results and conclusions from a chemistry experiment about the preparation and reversible oxygenation of the Co(II)(salen) complex. “The tetradentate N,N’-bis(salicylaldehyde)ethylenediimine 3, SalenH2, was prepared by the Schiff’s base condensation of salicylaldehyde 1 and ethylenediamine 2 via the elimination of water1. SalenH2 3, was then used to prepare the red inactive form of the complex N,N’-bis(salicylaldehyde)ethylenediimino)cobalt(II) 4, Co(salen). The inactive form of Co(salen) 4, consists of dimeric units in which the cobalt atom of one molecule interacts with an oxygen atom lone pair of the second molecule1. The inactive form of Co(salen) was investigated in DMSO in which oxygen is rapidly absorbed. The binding of the oxygen …..

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