Training and Development of Work Force

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An in-depth look at the concept of training a work force for better production output.

This paper provides a thorough examination of training procedures for new employees and refresher courses for existing employees. It tackles issues such as the objective and need for training, types of trainees in different work conditions and provides examples of different training methods. The writer states the obvious advantages of having a well trained team for better production.
“Training has become the most important feature of a successful organization. The need of proper training was felt when the organizations started falling apart due to tiny mistakes of its employees. Training is necessary because it improves profitability and/ or more positive attitudes towards profit orientation. Enhances the job knowledge and skills at all levels of the organization. The work force gets a high morale. Due to proper training employees can identify with organizational goals, corporate image gets improved. Training fosters authenticity, openness and trust. A boss an the subordinates get to work in a better environment and relationship. Training aids in developing leadership skill, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes and other aspects that successful workers and managers usually display. The quality of work is also increased and so is the productivity. Its cost effective as well, it cuts costs in different areas e.g. production, personnel, administration etc. it develops a sense of responsibility to the organization for being competent and knowledgeable. Labor management is also improved, as workers instead of feeling ignored, feel taken care of which develops a sense of loyalty”

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