The Wireless Internet Project

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This paper explores the technical issues and growth of the wireless internet industry.

This paper explores the rapidly growing wireless Internet industry and its technical development in terms of hardware and emerging applications. The paper displays the information as graphs and pictures by adding depth to the facts and information provided in written form. The paper includes a hands-on evaluation of recent products and services that indicate that wireless Internet access works well. The paper questions the industry’s fast growth and its resulting state of health.
Due to the growing need of information, and the trend toward globalization, and the massive potential of the Internet, wireless technology evolved itself to develop the Wireless Internet phenomenon. With numerous and potential applications of the Wireless Internet, the Wireless Internet industry has some key players in the business world. It is expected that this industry would not only grow exponentially in future, it is also growing rapidly now.

Executive Summary

Information increases productivity. The Internet was born. Globalization was an immediate running course. The wireless industry had to evolve to keep up with the worldwide growth in revenues and production. The wireless world may seem complicated; but in it, as in the familiar wired world, all that the Wireless Internet needs is three basic things to go online: a modem or some other hardware device, a service provider that would connect that hardware to the Internet, and content to look at once connected (Arar). The Wireless Internet has created excitement from Yahoo to Microsoft, and from Japan to US. It is a worldwide phenomenon holding great importance. This project will give an outline for the final one that would try to answer the question: is the Wireless Internet industry growing as rapidly as it appears, and as well as it has been predicted? The expected answer is a simple ‘Yes.’

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