The Unexpected Success of The L.A. Olympics

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This paper explores the great entrepreuneurial success of the 1984 Los Angles Olympic Games.

This essay uncovers how Peter Ueberroth, head of the L.A. Olympic Organizing Committee transformed the games into a monumental opportunity to stage a spectacular event and raise enough to contribute back to the surrounding community. The paper examines the success of the 1984 Olympics through the persepctive of entrepreuneurial organization.
“Various factors contributed to the success of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (LAOOC) and much was due to the “infective” personality of Peter Ueberroth. However, as biologist Bertalanffy professed through his systems theory “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

“Without digging deeply into the theory itself and the resulting holistic philosophy, “systems theory focuses on not only how the parts are arranged and what they do but also the relations which connect the parts into a whole.”

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