The Temporary Services Industry

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Discusses growth of temporary services industry, its history, present situation, effect on businesses, future outlook.

“”Temps” as used in this paper as an abbreviation for “temporary” workers, a phenomenon of the world business scene, which is growing at a consistent rate. Bernstein (1998) points out the staffing industry has changed greatly since it began in the early 1900s, with the emergence of Kelly Services Inc.

“[Kelly] was one of the pioneers, known for many years for its ‘Kelly Girls,’ whose smiling, wholesome-looking pictures were plastered on the sides of buses and subways in urban areas, including New York City” (Bernstein, 1998, 8). Today, the “Kelly Girl” is as likely to be a male, and can range in career skills from computer programmer to paralegal.
Boroughs gives evidence that the temporary services industry has expanded…”

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