The Grocery Business

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A feasibility report for potential investors in the grocery business in the mid- Atlantic region of the U.S..

This paper provides a thorough feasibility report for anyone interested in investing in the grocery retail trade in the mid-Atlantic region. The writer produces tables of consumer patterns and sales as well as examining market trends and future predictions. The paper also looks at the distribution system and gives an example of how a health food chain would succeed.
“The U.S. Mid-Atlantic region is a large market and a good opportunity for potential investors in grocery business. This region comprises the states of Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 25.1 million people in this region spend an average of 52% of their food dollar at supermarkets and other retail outlets i.e. almost US$1210 per person, each year, which adds up to be a rather large figure. As competition increases better financed companies are expected to stick around and absorb the market share of the less competitive ones. The market holds potential for Canadian manufactures due to its size, population demographics and proximity to Canada. The market is also highly competitive and sophisticated.”

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