The Democratic Corporation by Russell L. Ackoff

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This paper is a review of the systems philosophy book “The Democratic Corporation” by the Management Science guru, Russell L. Ackoff.

The paper presents a detailed summary of Ackoff’s background. The author states the book is a very simple sketch of the implementation of systems approach. The author summarizes that there is a pressing need to revamp the kinds of systems found in America, from our business schools to our boardrooms. The chapters of the book are abstracted. The paper closes with a detailed discussion of Ackoff’s systems analysis.
“We are all aware that American corporations need fixing, and there is no dearth of recommendations: copy the Japanese, pursue the pattern of thriving firms, or perform restructuring. However, these tactics do not work very well, states Russell Ackoff, since they only tackle the dilemma gradually, and it is the whole system of American business that is blemished.”

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