Sony versus Sega

Business / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper examines the business and marketing strategy of rival companies, Sony and Sega, in their battle for a larger section of the video game market.

This paper explores the competitive video game industry, by observing the history and marketing tactics of its main businesses, Sony and Sega. The paper illustrates how the companies grew into the world’s dominant consumer electronics manufacturers through the development of new technologies and acquiring other firms. The company’s future all rides on a make or break best selling game; If it’s a hit it funds the company’s future with years of new gaming technology development.
“For as long as most people who play video games can remember, each Christmas has been a dogfight between the latest offering by Sony and the latest offering from Sega, with Sega overtime gradually ending up as the loser. This paper examines the strategy that each company has used in its pursuit to garner as large a section of the video game market as possible and ” not incidentally but not necessarily centrally either ” defeat its rival company as well.”

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