Sociology of Organizations

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This paper describes what makes an organization tick using the example of a newspaper printing press.

Using the example of a newspaper printing press, this paper discusses what makes an organization function. It draws on concepts such as division of labor, core processes and information technologies to explain how this organization manages to perform. It uses examples of interviews with workers in the printing press to analyze job satisfaction and feelings of competency.
“Anyone who has ever worked at a job at which a number of other people were involved in the process knows that what it is exactly that one is supposed to be doing is often difficult to determine for a number of different reasons. The management of the workplace may fail to communicate the organization’s goals clearly to the workers. The management may not make any clear sense itself of whatever those goals might be. And, this is probably most important, the differing people themselves may simply have different interpretations of what it is that they think they should be doing, or what it is that they want to be doing. Add this to the fact that people are possessed of different competencies and different job assignments, and it becomes a wonder that anything is ever accomplished at all.”

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