Small Business Start-Up

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This paper describes the business start-up process step by step and it’s foundation for the future enterprise.

This paper describes the necessary elements in creating a successful business structure. The paper illustrates the conceptual development of the nature of the business as a beginning point for a new business. It details the development of a new enterprise by through performing market research, choosing a name and location, creating a legal structure as a sole proprietorship, general partnership, a corporation or a LLC, insurance, and advertising.

Table Contents
Executive summary
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Writing the Nature of the Business
3.0 Market Research
4.0 Choosing a Name
5.0 Location
6.0 Legal Structure
6.1 Sole Proprietorship
6.2 General Partnership
6.3 Corporation
6.4 Limited Liability
7.0 Insurance
7.1 Types of Insurance
8.0 Advertising
8.1 Media Advertising
8.2 Promotions and Discounts
9.0 Conclusion
Work Consulted
Starting a small business is a complex task but one that may increase earning potential and the control of being there own boss. The steps of completing a successful business structure include writing the nature of the business, performing market research, choosing a business name, obtaining a business location, choosing a legal structure, selecting insurance, and advertising the business to the public. Completion of these steps will give the business a solid base to build on.

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