Role of Management

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This paper looks at managers and their specific function within a company.

This paper looks at five different tasks and at five important functions that a manager plays in insuring a company’s success. The roles that a manager plays include motivating employees, coordinating different workers in either the company, or within a specific division, insuring that the company’s goals are maintained, insuring clear communication with the workers in the department and finally, encouraging employees to bring innovative ideas to management’s attention.
Third, the manager must ensure that in addition to being coordinated with each other, the work that each employee does is also coordinated with the overall goals of the company something that again each individual worker may not be in the position to assess on his own or her own. This is not to imply that individual workers are being negligent; indeed, the reverse may well be true. A worker engaged as deeply as possible in ensuring that his or her own corner of the company’s business is being taken care of may simply not have time to attend to what other workers are doing. And this inability of each worker to know what other workers are doing is, of course, made even more likely when not all aspects of a company’s business are carried out in the same building, as is so often the case today. It is hardly reasonable to ask the average worker in an American factory to know what someone in Singapore is doing, even if the subcomponents that the two are producing will eventually end up adjacent to each other in a CPU or subcompact. Such coordination is, however, the job of the manager.

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