Quality Standards

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This is a report on Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Deming prize that relates its advantages to management in the work place.

This paper is a conference report on the principle of Total Quality Management, an American perception of managing quality. The report highlights the importance and the irrevocable relationship between Total Quality Management, and various Standards of quality being used at present. The paper introduces and defines TQM as well as describes each of its principles in a very detailed manner.It has thoroughly examined the various systems of quality standards that are prevalent in the global management at present. It has examined its principles and regulations, as well the different impacts of project management with respect to the changing environment. It also gives a historical overview of the Deming prize and its purpose. It uses the examples of Power Systems and AT&T in order to enhance the importance of TQM in businesses today.
“Total Quality Management is an American perception of managing quality. Using the literature we can form a measure of the maturity of Total Quality Management relative to Total Quality Control (TQC), it’s predecessor and competitor. Many companies are working very hard to achieve good quality goods and services and using them as competitive advantages in their business. In the 1990s, there are two main subjects on quality that capture the attention of most businesses in the world, namely the International Quality Management Standard ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management (Total Quality Management). Much publicity and promotions have been made on these two subjects. It is like a fire in the forest amongst the industrialized nations. The aim of this conference is to find out what is so special about ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management and why it is necessary for industries and businesses to acquire them. In order to facilitate the development of new ideas and sharing of experience, the conference is divided into a number of sub-themes. The Speakers (in brackets) will be trying to build a ‘bridge’ between ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management within their own expertise.”

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