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An analysis of Price Water House Coopers.

This paper is a company analysis of Price Water House Coopers and its industry. It is one of the most successful, complexly unpredictable, companies today. Their prime offering is business consulting that has integrated itself in a multitude of individualized and specific fields of operation over the years. The paper details the company’s service offerings into six different types: Audit, Assurance and Business Advisory Service Sector, Business Process Outsourcing Sector, Corporate Finance and Recovery Services Sector, Management Consulting Services Sector, Global Human Resources Services Sector and Global Tax Services Sector.
Price Water House Coopers enjoys a cynosure status in today’s quicksilver business scenario. Of the world business’s complexly unpredictable, almost temperamental attitude in the age of IT, there are not many that can claim to be an expert. Price Water House Coopers not only does that but it has already lived up to its claims for so many years now. The company boasts an impressive employee count of almost one hundred and fifty thousand highly experienced and motivated personal, employing their innovative business techniques for client satisfaction in more then one hundred and fifty countries scattered all over the globe. Their prime offering is Business consultancy that has integrated itself in a multitude of individualized and specific fields of operation over the years. According to the website, the company has classified its service offerings into six different types. Audit, Assurance and Business advisory service sector claims to provide innovative, high quality and cost effective solutions, concerning financial management in fields such as share markets and technological transformations. Business process out sourcing sector helps in such fields as analysis of internal audits and procurement of human and real estate resources. Corporate finance and recovery services sector provides comprehensive help to customers who are facing drastic business problems, as the word recovery suggests, the sector claims to breathe a new life in companies entangled in complex business problems. Management consulting services sector should help transform the management structures of needing companies according to the demands of new economy, if they are anything as good as they claim to be. This also includes employment of latest technology. Global Human resources services sector searches and employs human potential for clients and also helps in insurance management. Global Tax services sector devises and implements innovative strategies to improve tax management.

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