Productivity Paradox and the future of IT

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Examines the reasons why Paul Attewell (1996) concludes that processes of goal displacement can explain much of the so-called productivity paradox in information technology.

Paul Attewell’s Research and Findings
The Merits of Paul Attewell’s Goal Displacement Theory
Future Impact of Information and Computing Technologies
and the Likely Constraints
“Computers and micro-technology have become embedded in all modern life activity. It would be unimaginable to consider an era where airline reservations, stock exchange trade, payroll accounting took place without such technology. On any given day the NYSE trades over 2 billion shares. Commercial banks transact over 100’s of billions (dollar equivalent) in bank transactions, not to mention the immense and incalculable benefits from online connectivity. The volume of these transactions that take place would be impossible if not for computing technologies. IT today has revolutionized services in the tertiary sector (service sector) industries that are increasingly integral part of basic good producing industries. But the real case that seems to exist within accounting statistics seems to unravel a different outlook for productivity.”

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