Origins of the Restaurant in France

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Discusses French expertise in cooking; historical & cultural aspects of 1st French restaurants in 18 & 19th Centuries. Auguste Escoffier & haute cuisine. Food as a fine art.

“French expertise in cooking had been the talk of the world, or at least of Europe, for a couple of centuries or more by the time of the French Revolution in 1789. Still, until then, most fancy food, or haute cuisine, had been the preserve of wealthy nobles who could afford to hire private chefs for their palatial estates. The revolution, however, put a crimp in that extravagant lifestyle, if only temporarily, and it necessarily reduced employment opportunities, as well. Chefs began looking elsewhere for their bread and butter (so to speak), and a trend toward restaurant dining that had been slowly surfacing before the revolution emerged full-blown in its wake.

“In truth, prepared food had been available dating back to the 1300s in shops, roadside stands and town markets. In the late …”

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