Organizational Changes in an Israeli Travel Agency

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An in-depth analysis of structural, technological and/or functional changes in an Israeli travel agency, focusing on the worker’s reactions to these changes.

This paper examines the reactions of the workers and the head managers in an Israeli travel agency, `Hametayel`, to technological and organizational changes in their place of work. The paper concentrates on the changes and the resistance to them from the individual point of view inside the organization. This includes the minor worker up to the manager, and is based on research and theories that were developed in this theme. The paper concludes with suggested recommendations for further improvements.

Organizational changes
Resistance to changes
Elements that Cause Resistance
Overcoming Resistance
Strategies of Change Performance
`Hametayel` Travel Agency
The Research
The Goals
The Population
Methods and Tools
Conclusions of the Findings
Business organizations need to perform changes in order to survive. Organizations need to adjust to the changing environment as well as to new technology, changes in role’s size and other factors. Such changes might stimulate some resistance and in some cases this resistance might lead to prevent or reduce the performance of changes. A change is being performed in order to cancel a certain situation and lead to a new and different one instead. A successful change, in any area, is composed of three main stages: the Thawing stage of behavioral patterns, values and stands. The pass stage toward new orders and relationships- a freezing stage of a new situation. Each stage is connected to the other (Lewin, Kurt, 1951).

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