Local Area Networks

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This paper explains the business function and technology of Local Area Networks (LAN) for increasing the competitive advantage of organizations.

This paper describes the design and application of basic local area network (LAN) for business and educational organizations. The paper argues that this technological system provides a solution for businesses by enabling them to work efficiently, increase their volume, enhanced internal telecommunications and offer flexibility of scale for growing organizations without substantial additional investment in hardware or software.
Table of Contents
Overview and Background Theory
Results and Procedure
Analysis and Conclusion
Works Cited
“Before beginning to describe the specifics of the proposed system it will be useful to provide some basic definitions of the elements of a local network system, or LAN as it is far more commonly called. In computer science, a local area network is simply a group of computers and other devices dispersed over a relatively limited area and connected by a communications link that enables any device to interact with any other on the network. The opposite of a LAN is a Wide Area Network in which the physical components of the system are spread out over a much longer distance from each other. A WAN is a much harder system to design because the components are generally not physically attached to each other by cables and other physical means as in a LAN. This is one of the major reasons that WANs are much more rarely seen. The other reason for the greater prevalence of LANs has less to do with the physical constraints of computer networked hardware and far more to do with common office practices: Most businesses tend to operate in a relatively restricted physical space, with the result that their computer networks are also installed in a relatively small space. Thus the importance of LANs to the workings of nearly all businesses today above the level of the very smallest of offices (Anderson 19).”

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