Human Genome Sciences and its Corporate Culture

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A look at the differences between biotechnology companies, blue chip companies, and Silicon Valley computer companies in terms of their organization and workforce.

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. This is evident by how interested the stock market has become in any company that deals in this field. Biotechnology firms have a different organizational culture than companies that are traditional “Blue Chips.” They are also different from “Silicon Valley” companies because a majority of the employees at biotechnology firms are scientists. Biotechs differ from “Blue Chip” companies because most of the “Blue Chip” employees are in strictly business-related fields, such as finance or marketing. Biotechnology firms are different from “Silicon Valley” companies because their employees are mostly computer programmers. This paper will discuss these differences by using Human Genome Sciences as the example.

A Brief overview of biotechnology
Why Biotechnology Firms are Different
An Overview of Human Genome Sciences
Organizational Culture in other Industries
The Culture of Human Genome Sciences

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